Helping you improve your quality of life by assisting your return to your favourite sport and/or exercise is our aim.

Making sure you get there in the safest, shortest time possible is our main objective.

Sports Therapy is about getting you back to running, swimming, cycling, pitchside, courtside, trackside or the gym feeling and/or moving better than you currently are with the minimum amount of treatment sessions.

We aim to treat the cause, not just symptoms of an injury with a combination of  scientifically researched & validated hands-on therapy and rehabilitation techniques.  Each treatment you receive is as unique as you are.

Over 15 years experience treating & rehabilitating musculoskeletal pain & injuries.

As well as sports injury treatments we specialise in treatment and relief of chronic muscular pain that you may have been told “…nothing that can be done with that”.

We work with a network of Doctors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and other health professionals to ensure your well-being and the best treatment for you.

Call us for more information on 01628 914751 or 07946 405664.  Clinic is based at 42 High Street, Marlow, SL7 1AW



The following is a 5 mins you-tube video from a Dr Mike Evans and is a great example of THE best preventative medicine you can take for your health…